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Zanesville Art Residency

Last summer I was lucky to come across an opportunity to live and work with a group of purpose-driven artists in the post-industrial town of Zanesville in Ohio. It really jump started my passion to continue art post-college. I haven't stopped painting and I'm continuing to explore experimenting line, layers, the ocean, and what it all means beyond the surface.

This summer, I'm joining the artist colony on the other side as one of the co-hosts. And that invitation that I randomly came across around this time last year, is once again being extended out to all who are intrigued. I'm excited most of all for the engaging conversations that are bound to happen over the dining table and the late evening porch time. The program is a time for study, a time for reflecting, and a time set apart to consider the purpose of our art practice. There are a few days left to submit the application. Send it here:

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