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2023 Lancaster, OH Residency in review


Place Setting

Place Setting was a week long art residency in Lancaster, Ohio culminating in an intimate dinner party set by designed invitations by Shannon Kim, around handmade ceramicware by Hillary Eden, topped with a heartmade meal of roasted, barbecued, baked, and tossed food, and wrapped together with a guided dinner conversation, zine making activity, and ceramic cup gifted to each guest. 
During the residency, Shannon and Hillary were engrossed in the idea of what to do about Time. Through homemade dinners and lots of hand washed dishes, chats in the car on the way to the grocery store, mid-day treats and picnics in nature, lunch with good friends, and the climactic dinner party, they reckoned with the inevitable tedium, the monotony of the life and times of aging and the wonder that lies a few layers deep if you can get past the surface.    
KakaoTalk_20230214_110237596_01 copy.png
The only way to capture the moments that pass us by so quickly is to live presently knowing that time passes over us. Celebrating every seemingly insignificant milestone, turning our attention from our younger ideals of larger and wider reaching to more intimate and more in front of us, and doing the mundane tasks as an act of meditation, prayer, exercise of being awake, are the steps we have been making and have been made aware to us through the recent years as artists waking up to Time.
The surfaces of the ceramic place settings reflect the in-between winter/spring season we found ourselves in - muted pastel lavender, blue, and cream on the cups and dessert bowls, breaking to leathery dark plates reminiscent of wrinkled up leaves at the end of winter. 
KakaoTalk_20230210_122150874 copy.png