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Travel Illustrations

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Staying in Sardegna with an Italian family made experiencing the island life a little more domestic. I am forever grateful for their hospitality will always remember them, eating ocean water washed peaches, and riding in the car next to pig horse, an inflated plastic toy animal.

After sketching this image at a park nearby where I was staying, two Canadian travellers approached me asking for directions to Alexander Platz. Luckly, that was the only place that I knew how to get to, so I walked them to the tram station. We ended up spending the whole day together, exploring an abandoned amusement park and relaxing in Treptow Park. They taught me how to slackline and we played a game of chance. They found out that I was an artist, so I was either to draw them doing aggro-yoga or leave my mark in the city during my travels. If you ever see any red fabric poppies in Europe, that might be me.                                                                                         

I  still had a student visa, so I was able to visit many world-renowned museums for free. To my gleeful surprise, there were many artists sitting and studying sculpture and paintings at the Louvre.

This was moments before a flash rain shower. A young girl, travelling with her family, sat down next to me. She was so intrigued in the painting, asking questions every few minutes. She was also extremely jealous that I was traveling alone. (Her family was not far  away, being typical tourists). Then it started raining and we parted ways.

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