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Stay Home,

Make Art 2020


Donation Based
2 Hr Workshops
For All Ages
with Shannon Kim

Family Portraits - Illustration Workshop

Sat - Nov 7, 2-4pm PST


Some of us have felt more distance this year than ever before being separated from family, while others have spent more time with them than you would have ever agreed to. But what has been made clear is the value in love and intimacy that we have all been needing and craving this year. This project is meant for just that. Whether to make art with your family about family, or gift them a portrait for the holidays, come grab your colored pencils and let's spend some quality time together.

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Enrollment Due Sunday, Nov 1st

Sign up here.

Illuminated Letter - Hand-lettering Course

Sat - Nov 28, 2-4pm PST

  Try your skill at hand-lettering in this illuminated letter project, a beautiful blending of art and language. In this introductory workshop, we will explore both popular calligraphy styles as well as our own unique style that fits best with our hand to create a illuminated quote that inspired us most this year.

Enrollment Due Sunday, Nov 1st

Sign up here.

Holiday Cards -

In Person Workshop

Sun - Dec 6

Varying Morning and Afternoon Timeslots

 Every year since 2012, I have been hand-painting postcards to send to friends, supporters, and loved ones during the holidays. It has become a bit of a tradition and is perhaps even anticipated by receivers every year. In this in-person workshop, I would love to invite you into this tradition making one-of-a-kind postcards. You will be making a set of 9 cards and all materials will be provided. There will be limited spots to promote safe distancing.

Enrollment Due Saturday, Nov 21st

Sign up here.

Reflections and Resolution -

Abstract Art Workshop

Sat - December 12, 7pm-9pm

 The days go by as quickly as they do slowly. But that doesn't accurately represent what occurred this year, what you've accomplished and examined, what you've let go of and what you've created. In this workshop, we will be exercising our creative muscle to release stress and redirect energy in a positive and constructive way through creating a surreal drawing inspired by our domestic environment.

Enrollment Due Saturday, Nov 21st

Sign up here.

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