Stay Home,

Make Art 2020

Daytime Classes

Tues/Thurs 2pm-3:30pm PST

90 min classes. 8 classes total.

Evening Class

Thurs 7pm-9pm PST

120 min class. 4 classes total

Beginner classes for students all ages 9 and Up. Classes are donation based and beginner friendly. 

Having to consider what is "essential" has been at the forefront of my mind when initiating these art classes online. I truly stand by my belief that we are all made creative people and have the need and potential to make beautiful things. It has been a blessing already, to see through these classes, how it is good and supported. I started teaching online to stay afloat and provide a place for art making and constructive emotional expression for friends of all ages and places. What I received was a world of friends, miles and decades of age apart, all finding joy, calm, and consistency in these weekly classes.

I hope that you will join me in June and ongoing if you so choose.

This class best fits people looking to:

-help them keep track of what day of the week it is

-do something therapeutic 

-have their kids (9+) do so they can have a moment to themselves

-finally learn art or be accountable to make art

-any other excuse that gets you to take this class

I've made sure to minimize as many obstacles as possible so anyone can feel encouraged to join. It's donation based, beginner friendly, and use simple materials that they might already have at home or aren't hard to acquire. If you connect with me ahead of time, I can also mail materials to borrow.

Past Student Work