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Stay Home,

Make Art 2020

Evening Class

Thurs 7pm-9pm PST

120 min class. 4 classes total

Beginner classes for students all ages 9 and Up. Classes are donation based and beginner friendly. 

Hello friends! For the past few months, I have turned my unemployment into an opportunity to connect, play, and teach art in Art Class Online - therapeutic, donation based, beginner friendly online art classes.


Each course consists of 4 art projects that invite students to explore constructive expression through creative exercises. I've been encouraged to continue to provide this space for all who are interested and praying that it will be a fruitful service I can continue to provide to others in communities around the world (students of the past came from as far as Australia, Ohio, Oregon, and New York, and as near as my neighboring cities of Santa Ana, Brea, and Pasadena in Socal.)


There is a need for expression when we are all isolated in our homes and adjusting to a new way of living. I am continually encouraged to keep these classes available on a donation base, to kids and adults, and with simple materials, so that anyone that needs or wants can feel welcomed to join. Creativity is an exercise we all ought to rethink as an essential part of the human experience.

Classes are for both kids and adults to enjoy as supplementary to their distance learning or as a way to unwind from a long week of work and into a constructive exercise. I hope that you will join me and this community!

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Past Student Work

This class best fits people looking to:

-help them keep track of what day of the week it is

-do something therapeutic 

-have their kids (9+) do so they can have a moment to themselves

-finally learn art or be accountable to make art

-any other excuse that gets you to take this class

I've made sure to minimize as many obstacles as possible so anyone can feel encouraged to join. It's donation based, beginner friendly, and use simple materials that they might already have at home or aren't hard to acquire. If you connect with me ahead of time, I can also mail materials to borrow.

Find student work below

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