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A letter is much like the heart. An honest recounting of the goodness and gratefulness that we feel for another. Only, a heart is kept inside and what it needs is outward expression.

This is where we come in. 

We specialize in personal cards with a story in mind.


Made in small quantities, our cards are purposefully and artfully created, resulting in truly unique gifts. Take a look at our collection, request for cards that are in stock, or inquire about custom cards for special events, holidays, or weddings. 

Greeting Cards

Currently no greeting cards available
5x7 Folded Card with Envelope
Limited Quantity

Holiday Cards

Happy Idul Fitri
5x7 Folded Card with Envelope
Limited Quantity

Wedding Invitations

Custom Cards

Custom Invitation Set
2 - 5 piece invitation set 
  1. Invitation
  2. Itinerary
  3. RSVP 
  4. RSVP return envelope
  5. Invitation set decorative pouch
  6. Invitation envelope
Custom Order Only
Card Sets and Individuals
Pick your color theme or share with the in-house artist, the occasion for your card. She'll collaborate with you on what best represents your intention and add that touch of artistic beauty that it needs.
Individual cards can be requested to be handmade, while card sets, will be high quality prints of handmade originals.
Custom Order Only

is the creative director of this tag team operation. She's the wallflower, the painter by the ocean, the one who loves to profess love through long thoughts and handmade gifts.

is the power behind this engine. She's the charisma, the inviter,  the poetic cafe dweller, the gets-shit-done girl, that wears her heart on her sleeve and in letters sent to far off lands.

h a n n o n

e l i n a

Channon Pen Pals  Est.2018